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Discover Our Business Listing Service For Your Business

Michael Ogolor
IT Consultant

Discover Our Business Listing Service For Your Business


Our Business Listing Service: Many businesses listing services in Nigeria nowadays do not provide end users with enough information to make an informed decision about contacting or subscribing to a professional service a brand provides. There is frequently nothing more than a business name, a probably out-of-date address, and a phone number.

Apart from developing social media accounts and pages, many small company/business startups and entrepreneurs in Nigeria nowadays want to put their business and products online. We all know that building a website for your company or brand can be a costly endeavor for a small business.

Allow us to introduce our Business Listing Service to you.

Business Listing Service For Your Business

Our Business Listing Service

Our business listing platform provides you with a one-page or multi-page website that accurately represents your company/brand, as well as showcases your products and services. There are also the following features:

  • One-click access to all of your social media accounts and pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, tiktok, and others).
  • Clients may engage with you from your website to WhatsApp business with a single click.
  • Clients can call and email you immediately from your website with a single click.
  • On your website, you can also offer feedback forms to collect direct feedback and thoughts from your customers.
  • There’s an area for reviews and testimonials.
  • A prominent section to highlight your clientele – which speaks to your business or brand’s reputation.
  • Should you have them, they’ll be custom-designed with your company’s official colors and font.
  • You’ll get your own unique short link, which you may share across your various platforms to increase traffic to your website.
  • You may also publish content updates on a regular basis to keep your site current and relevant to search engines.

Discover Our Business Listing Service For Your Business

Prerequisites for Enlisting Your Business/Brand

Because the site is designed for businesses and brands, there are a few requirements:

  • A trademark or business name. It does not necessarily need to be registered if it is unique to you. If you have it registered, then that’s better.
  • A company’s brand identity. For your brand/business, you must have a logo.
  • A registered and functional email address, as well as a business phone number.
  • Images, movies, texts, and audios can all be included in your material.
  • Links to your various social platforms if available.
Business Listing Service For Your Business

Our Business Listing Service

Use cases

Our business listing platform isn’t limited to just the traditional use by brands and businesses. Instead of creating a whole website, you could use it to create a landing page for an ad campaign. The site will display the product(s), details, pricing, how to use, where to buy, and other pertinent information for end users in this situation.

Let’s look at some more particular examples.


You may establish a highlighted gallery of your most outstanding photographs and the stories they tell as a professional photographer. You can choose whether or not the photographs can be downloaded. A very brief profile of you as a professional, as well as access buttons to your social media accounts and platforms, could be included in the gallery.

Music Artist

As a musician, you can create a page dedicated to the release of a new song or album, complete with lyrics, a countdown to the release date and time, and links/buttons to other platforms where fans can listen, buy, subscribe, follow, watch, and more.



You could be a single person or an event coordinator/planner looking to establish a webpage for an upcoming event. This event might be a wedding, birthday celebration, or any other type of gathering, it can have an RSVP reservation form, as well as other pertinent information for your attendees, such as the opportunity to save the event to their calendars and other features as desired.

Landing pages for Ad Campaigns

It’s also possible that you’d like to run a social media ad campaign that directs your viewers to a “learn more” button where they can obtain more information about the highlighted product or service (or both, as the case may be) and maybe contact you via any medium of your choice.



You may also need to set up an eCommerce platform that allows your customers to buy any things you have.

These are just a few examples of how you can use our business listing platform to promote your brand, business, or personal interests.

Business listing service social media app on phone

Discover Our Business Listing Service For Your Business

In Conclusion

We’ve covered the basics of our business listing service and platform. We also discussed the platform’s functionality, as well as the requirements for registering your brand/business and examples of use cases – discussing the various types of brand/business usage scenarios

If you require any additional information, please use the comment box below or contact us using the details on our contact page.

Our social media pages and profiles are also available, so you can use whichever one you want.

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