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Our Service Offerings website, social media and digital marketing

Website, Mobile Apps, Social media & Digital Marketing

Our Service Offerings

Our Service Offerings include:

Website Design & Development
Design, develop and implement your business/company website. This is your virtual or digital representation of your business/company which allows your clients and potential clients alike to look through and find out who you are, what you do, and how you get things done; even while you are asleep.

Mobile App
A mobile app for your business/Company act as powerful marketing tools that help your acquire more customers/clients, improve customer service experience and helps generate more income in the process.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization & SEM-Search Engine Marketing are how you optimize your website to be seen by potential clients who are in need and are searching online for the kinds of products and services you offer. This would help your business/company show up on google search results.

Social media management and content development
Engage your clients and draw more clients to your business via social media engagement. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have millions of your potential clients all signed up. Join them and showcase your products and services while you are at it.

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Systems & Network

Our Service Offerings

Network Design
Design and implement network for communication, internet, intranet, VOIP (Voice Over IP), SOIP (Storage Over IP)
Computer Systems
Installations, troubleshooting, Optimizations, Repairs, Upgrades for your computer systems – Laptops, Desktops, Workstations and Servers
Hardware Procurement and Supplies
Computer (Laptops, Desktops, Accessories, RAM, Hard Disks, ROM Drives, Operating Systems, Productivity Software), Network (Routers, Access points, Extenders, UPS, Trunks & Cables, Switches, Hubs, Racks & Mountings, Firewalls, VOIP PBX, VOIP Telephones)

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Digital Security

Our Service Offerings

Cyber Security
Networks and computer systems as well as the valuable information they contain are vulnerable to hacks. It is important to secure your network, Systems and information against such cyber vulnerabilities.
Monitoring & Surveillance
Constantly be aware of what goes on around your perimeter; be it at the office or at home with security cameras, Digital doorbell camera, burglar alarm systems and more.

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Business Consulting

Our Service Offerings

Fouchix generally adds value in three major areas of your middle market business:

Information Technology (IT):
This is a fast-growing area for consulting, as the demands of new technology are impacting middle market companies every day.The highlight here is bringing up ideas and better strategies of running your business, hence, bringing growth and greater profitability.Whether you need to develop a new system or integrate your old systems so that they work together, we can help. We enhance your capabilities and also make your IT more flexible in meeting the dynamic needs of your targeted customers.

Human Resources (HR):
Need to improve the overall satisfaction of your employees, recruit top talent, and retain your top performers? Of course, we specialize in developing compensation strategies that align with your overall business goals, training, and developing your people in areas such as business etiquette and leadership skills. performance-related feedback and evaluation for your team, making your employees work better and smarter.

Applying best marketing strategies that puts your company ahead of your contemporaries, branding your company and giving it the look it deserves, e.g new logos, company themes, graphics, plus social media channels in reaching your target market, thereby attracting more prospects. We can offer your business a creative spark that will set it on a new pedestal.

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Business Listing

Our Service Offerings

Not just a business listing but one that caters for your business needs.

What we offer:

A business listing page like no other.

  • Dedicated Web page for your business.
  • Includes an about section for your business.
  • Vivid description of your offered products and services.
  • Linked with all your social media accounts.
  • Features a gallery of your products and services.
  • One-click WhatsApp link for clients to contact you.

In addition to all of the above, businesses on our platforms will get promotions via social media premium ads, Google search and display network ads with your dedicated business listing page as your landing page.

Direct focus and attention to your business growth and development.

Initial 3 Months free subscription

Monthly/Yearly subscription payment plan.

Enlistment Criteria:
For your business to be on our business listing platform, the following are required of you:

  • A business identity/logo. If you do not already have one, one can be created for you at a price.
  • Your business should have a dedicated and operational email address.
  • A phone number.
  • A WhatsApp business account.
  • Social media presence; Facebook or Instagram or both.
  • Your business, products and services will be thoroughly verified by our verification team.
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Our Service Offerings

Logo Design
Your brand, your Identity

Complimentary Card Design
Introduce and exchange your Business/Company information with your potential clients

Stationery Design
Present and send documents and publications to your clients. e.g. Letterheads, envelops, Brochures, Fliers/Handbills

Banner Design
How you publicize your brand via banners, Fliers/Handbills, Social medias.

Motion Graphics
Informative animations and slideshows to create awareness about your brand, products, services, events and promotions.

renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Our Service Offerings

System design
The sustainability, performance and life span of any renewable energy installation systems is majorly dependent on the design to meet specific needs and capacity. Our design team engages with you to determine what your needs are while simultaneously advising about best practices. Afterwards, a design based on your unique needs and requirement is then developed and optimized.

Installation of Solar Panels
Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity. This electricity generated is then stored in batteries during the day. The energy stored in the batteries is then used to power your house or offices via an inverter system.

Inverter Systems
A power inverter, is an electronic circuitry that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The input & output voltage as well as the frequency, and overall power capacity depend on the design of the specific device. An inverter system does not produce any power; the power is provided by the DC source – the batteries.

Charge controllers & Cables
A charge controller or charge regulator monitors and controls the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from (DC) electric batteries. It helps prevent overcharging and may protect against power surges or over-voltage, which can reduce battery performance, lifespan which may pose a safety risk. It may also prevent complete drainage (“deep discharging”) the battery, performing controlled discharge, depending on the battery technology, to protect battery life. A “charge controller” or “charge regulator” may refer to either a stand-alone device, or a control circuitry embedded within a battery pack, battery-powered device, or battery charger.

3D modeling image

3D Models

Our Service Offerings

3D modeling is computer graphics technique used for producing a 3D digital representation of any object or surface.

3D models are used for a variety of mediums including architecture, illustration, engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Structural), and commercial advertising.

Fully design and make changes to your ideas before manufacture, production, fabrication or further development.

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