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About Us

Who We Are: We are Fouchix, an IT company that loves to learn, collaborate, create, solve problem and meet needs.

Determined to bridge the yearning gap between what ICT is in Nigeria compared to what is obtainable in developed countries for businesses, using an amalgamation of highly indigenous expertise, foreign partners, and standing by our philosophy of service and delivery beyond all else for clients, tailored ICT solutions have been executed with relative ease.

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Why Choose Us

Who We Are

Our approach is simple – relentless commitment to excellence. Setting a high standard and continually pushing beyond our limits by investing in continuous improvement of our products and services through researches built around knowledgeable and dedicated team with a common goal of meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations. “No recall, no gain” meaning a customer once satisfied will come back wherein lies our gain.

Our Mission & Vision

Who We Are

  • Our Mission: To help businesses grow & increase in financial earnings.
  • Our Vision: To help less privileged & unexposed entrepreneurs who do not understand or know how to make use of the power of IT to get their products out in the faces of their potential clients/customer.

The results we are want to achieve are: reduction in poverty, local sustainable business developments & economic improvements.

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Our Commitment

Who We Are

Positional swapping. By becoming the first customer to partake in our products before rolling out. The idea is “if it is good enough for us and satisfying it will likely satisfy the need it is designed for”. We will back up our commitment with reliability by having our support staffs available for questions and concerns. Our continuous communication with our customers will allows us to adapt and grow with their power requirements.

With so many diversities, innovation, ahead-of-times Information and communication tools in enhancing sundry challenges presented to us by our customers. Our relentless commitment to both academic and technological variations has helped us to stay not just afloat but a shoulder higher than our counterparts. Our watchword generated from our lasting relationship with our customers is CORE quality:
C Confidentiality with our customers brought about by
O Originality of our products bringing up in
R Reliability of our customers, culminating in
E Excellence.

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