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Renewable Energy In Nigeria – Solar


It is true that renewable energy is not going to suddenly take over fossils in generation of power for powering our homes, vehicles, equipment and machinery. As we already know, there are a lot of concerns about the negative impact of fossil fuels in our environments and the world at large.

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Let's Dive In

Advanced nations are currently slowly building solar farms to take care of a certain percentage of their power generation and consumption. These capacities are improved on every year. Research and development to greatly improve the efficiency of solar harvesting equipment are constantly ongoing and ground breaking breakthroughs are recorded every year. Within the next couple of years, any nation who have refused to invest in the implementation of renewable power will soon find itself left behind.

Electric cars, solar street lights, solar panels – a few of some that most of us have heard of, seen and probably made use of and have testimonies of how well they work.

Now, let’s come down to what this article is really about.

Here in Nigeria, there have been several attempts in some homes and offices to implement some level of solar energy generation. While some failed totally, others performed less than the proposed expectancy.

Quote me anywhere. The reason for such failure is not because the technology is unreliable, crude or crappy as some would say. I have been generating power through solar technology in my home now for several years and I assure you – it works. Ordinarily, I used to spend over four hundred and sixty thousand Naira per year (=N= 460,000). Now, with the implementation of solar technology, I have been able to save more than 60 percent of my electricity bills, bringing it down to roughly one hundred and forty four thousand Naira per year (=N= 144,000).

Reasons why your renewable installation might not have work for you.

We live in a country where a lot of businesses, organizations and people do not care about excellence in the goods and services they provide. For them it is all about the money.

  • Equipment & materials: A lot of the times, substandard renewable energy equipment is procured and installed which leads to very low efficient power generations, storage and transmission, and in many cases sudden equipment breakdown within a short period after installation.
  • Maintenance: Just like our cars, gasoline generators and every other machinery we have require servicing, proper use and care to keep them functioning at optimal levels and not breakdown completely over time, so do solar equipment and installations.
  • Usage: Just the same way you cannot buy a 1.5KVA gasoline generator and use an electric iron, electric cooker, refrigerator, TV, Lights and air conditioning units all at once on the generator; the very same applies to solar equipment.

In the next article...

In the next article we will be looking in-depth into these three major reasons for failure in installations and power generation via solar equipment. Thanks for reading. Do not forget to share.
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